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Hanna erotikus masszázs
erotikus masszázs




V.I.P hirdető
2018-09-08 23:25:54

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Erotikus masszázs beszámoló Hanna Budapest 2018-09-10

I called here on the phone, she picked up. She speaks English only a little, so we somehow managed to agree on the time.
Marina plaza, this is a well known address as I have been there several times. I arrived a couple of minutes earlier, called and then she told me that she will call me back in a few minutes. I suppose one other girl called me because this one spoke English very well to tell me the entrance code. That is fine, it doesn't really matter to me.
Luxurious flat, shower is clean. Got total of two towels, on at the beginning and at the end got a new clean one. The room contains tatami, chair, small table. Well equipped with mirrors, one of the top floor as well.
Hanna külseje
This is the first time I met here. Looks like in the pictures. Young girl with a few tattoos which are not visible on the pictures, but are nice. Beautiful flawless face, nice rounded ass, her hair was tied in the ponytail (not to get greasy from oil, i assume). Height, weight seems appropriate to the data sheet.

Erotikus masszázs
After initial greeting, she gave me the towel and I went to the shower. We didn't communicate at all due to here not so great English and my almost non-existent Hungarian. Even though we didn't talk, she seems like a nice person. I lay on my stomach, and first she started massaging my right leg, from the lower leg, followed by the thighs. After that the other leg, back, neck. The massage was great, just right amount of pressure. While I was still laying on my stomach, she removed her bra and remained only in thong. She oiled herself and started sliding massage on my back. I specifically liked because took it slow and this sliding on my back took time.
After that she showed me with her hand to turn and lay on my back. The sliding massage started on my front. I was fantastic to feel her beautiful breasts sliding all over me. She also makes eye contact, her eyes are so hot and sexy. She was alternately sliding on my cock and on my stomach. I loved tasting her breasts when they were in front of my eyes. I also loved she took time with this front sliding. I totally lost track of time, but it seemed at least 10-15min. After that first she was teasing me little with her thong on the cock, and then full francia started. This was great, while she was doing that my hands went trough here entire sexy body. Here she didn't hurry also, when I couldn't stand any more, I finished on here breasts.
Standard price for this neighborhood, since we meet for the first time, I left it on the table as soon as I entered the room. Worth every forint.
I really liked Hanna, had a great time. Too bad she doesn't speak English. I hope my Hungarian will get better over time.

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